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We're doing Halloween!

We're doing Halloween!

John and I love Halloween. We count Halloween as our anniversary. (Happy 27th honey!)  And there's so much going on in the world right now. We wanted to do something fun, cute, and light hearted.  So we went into the wayback machine and brought back some of our very first earrings - our Halloween collection.

We've got spooky cats, scary and funny pumpkins, grim reapers, spiders in their web, and a skeleton keys. 

Halloween Collection

There's no big story here. These are some of the first earrings we made way back when we first started to experiment with a laser cutter and acrylic. So we'd thought we bring them back as a fun treat for our favorite time of year.

If we could trade you candy for them we would! But we couldn't figure out how to do that with the online checkout system. So you'll have to settle for our special seasonal price of just $15 pair.

I recommend you get the wacky mismatched pairs (cough pumpkins).  The Grim Reapers are also popular. 

They're only going to be around for a short time, so get your's now. 

PS- They'll look great on Zoom!