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Care for Acrylic Jewelry

If you have purchased an acrylic piece of jewelry from us, the care and maintenance of that piece is super easy.


For the acrylic or painted part of your piece = clean with a soft cloth and mild soap as needed. Do not clean with alcohol or rubbing alcohol or any solvent of this kind. It will strip the paint from your piece can cause the acrylic to become foggy or cloudy. 

Clean the ear wires with a polishing cloth, such as Sunshine Polishing ClothsWe do not recommend the use of store bought silver dip type cleaners. These cleaners strip the protective coating from the metal and actually speed up the tarnishing process.   

Be sure to keep the cloth to only the metal part of the piece.  Again, the compound on these cloths can be hard to remove from the acrylic portion of the piece and cause fogging or clouding.   

Pools, Oceans and Showers

We can’t guarantee they are chlorine safe, so don’t wear them in the pool.  And We’ve had mixed results with salt water - sometimes fine, sometimes not - so best to avoid long exposure to salt water as well. Wearing in the shower or tub should be fine.


Keep in an airtight baggie is really best. This keeps dust off the acrylic part of the piece and will help to inhibit tarnishing of the sterling silver or other metals that may also be part of your piece. 


If you in doubt, please feel free to drop us a note