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Patterns in Nature - the story behind our current collections

Patterns in Nature

The Patterns in Nature collection is probably our most recognizable work. These pieces are based on patterns found in nature. In this collection, every design is from a plant or animal.

Our process starts with a high resolution image of the object, zoomed in on its surface details. Our work is not literal — we don’t make a starfish-shaped necklace, nor do we make a pair of turtle-shaped earrings. We prefer to go beyond what’s readily visible to the human eye, to find the unexpected beauty in a plant or animal. It’s in this unexpected, hidden space that we find the patterns that inspire our jewelry designs. 

Once we have identified a pattern we find interesting, we etch it onto acrylic and then hand-paint the details. Each design has been chosen for its unique beauty and story. Many of the plants and animals we have selected have wonderful stories all their own. 

We think our use of vibrant colors, lightweight materials, and durable designs makes our work as wearable as it is eye-catching and beautiful.

Lab Partners Jewelry should come with a warning label. These pieces are conversation starters! Wearing it will elicit copious compliments from strangers. - Steph W.

Do we have lovely photos of the process?

Sorry, no.  When we started making this collection, we didn't even know we were going to sell them, let alone have a website.  As we make more, we'll add some photos of the process.  


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