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Starfish Earrings - Large Teardrops

This delicate pattern was inspired by the surface of a starfish, one of the ocean’s most determined creatures. Latin nameasteroidea, starfish or sea stars have existed on this Earth for 450 million years, and have been known to shed limbs in self-defense. Once shed, the starfish can regrow severed or damaged parts. (Incredible!)

You’ll want to wear these flattering teardrop shaped earrings all the time, but especially when you need to be reminded that you, too, are one of nature’s most persistent and amazing creatures. You are as intricate as a starfish—and as tough. Regenerate, grow, and keep moving.

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Size: Large teardrop earrings are approximately 0.9 x 1.0 inches (24mm x 25mm), and are 1.75 inches long(44 mm).