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Sea Turtle Necklace

You’ll find this intricate design in the middle of a sea turtle’s shell. Latin name: chelonioidea, sea turtles migrate hundreds or even thousands of miles to find warm waters in which to nest. Guided only by an internal compass and the Earth’s magnetic fields, they return to the place they were born to begin life anew. 

How many miles have you traversed to become the person you are today? Whether it’s physical miles or metaphorical ones, this bar-shaped sea turtle necklace honors the distance you’ve traveled with nothing but the shell on your back and your instincts to guide you.

Size:  Sea Turtle small bar pendants are approximately 1.5 inches long x 0.3 inches tall. (38mm x 8mm) and come with an 18” Sterling Silver chain. Large bar is 2.0 inches long  x 0.4 inches tall (51mm x 11mm).