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Brain - Necklace

The human brain remains one of the final frontiers of medicine and the central puzzle in the exploration of consciousness. For psychologists who study the brain for insights into behavior and cognition, and neurologists who treat disorders of the central nervous system, our brains continue to be fascinating, puzzling, and at times inexplicable aspects of the human experience.

These fun earrings are a great gift for anyone who appreciates the wonder of the human brain.


  • White pendants are: clear acrylic with white highlights.
    Pink pendants are: pink acrylic with white highlights. Pink acrylic is not see through, but is semi-transparent.
  • Necklace includes 18" sterling silver chain
  • Each brain is approximately 1 inch square with the top brain being a little narrower. 

PS - Does not actually prove wearer has a brain, but probably can fool zombies. We're not sure. Let us know, should it come up.