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Heart Jewelry - Anatomical Human Heart Jewelry - Great Gift for Doctors, Nurses, Medical Techs, Med Students

Anatomically Correct Human Heart Jewelry?!

Yes! And this is not your typical human heart jewelry.

This set is a simplified but anatomically correct illustration of a heart - chic, stylish, and elegant. 100% Fabulous, 0% cute.

This Anatomical Heart jewelry is made from a clear acrylic base with white highlights - they will literally go with any outfit and are super lightweight and easy to wear.

A great gift of love, support, thanks, and encouragement for:
  • Doctors, cardiologists, cardiac ward nurses, healthcare workers, and anyone who works in Cardiology
  • Blurry-eye sleep-deprived medical students 
  • Someone who has stolen your heart. (Metaphorically. We mean, if literally? Then you're really going to need that, so get it back.)
  • For someone who has a '"heart of gold" - show them that you see them and all that they do for you and for others.
  • Goths - those with a dramatic gothic nature. (Nothing matches black better than clear.)
  • People who are recovering from a cardiac episode of some kind
  • Teachers, Professors
  • Caregivers
  • Sadly, but true - as a memento of lost loved ones.
  • Finally - for you! Because you are awesome.


  • Clear Acrylic with white highlights.
  • Earrings have sterling silver ear wires.
  • Earrings hang down 1.5 inches and are about half an inch wide.
  • Necklace includes an 18" sterling silver chain.
  • Set includes Earrings, Necklace with 18" Chain and a Jewelry Box.