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Starfish Earrings, Small Teardrop shape, Blue Green, From Lab Partners Jewelry

Starfish Small Teardrop Earrings - Blue Green

$ 33.00

Starfish Earrings

You'll look lovely wearing these earrings featuring a design based on the patterns found on  the surface of an Asteroidea commonly known as a Starfish (or Sea Star)

This vibrant and highly detailed pattern is etched onto acrylic, hand-painted and topped off with a shiny top. They give the appearance of glass without the weight. Because these earrings are made from acrylic, they are incredibly lightweight and super easy to wear and nearly unbreakable.  You’ll forget you have them on. 

Classification: Asteroidea
Common Name: Starfish or Sea Star



Details :

Small Teardrop Earrings
Height: .75”
Width: .5” (half and inch)
How long the hang: 1.5”

Materials: acrylic with sterling silver ear wires

Care:  our earrings are waterproof.  To clean use a soft cloth and mild soap as needed. Do not clean with alcohol – I will cloud the acrylic.  (We can’t guarantee they are chlorine safe, sd don’t wear in the pool.)


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