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Experiment #29 - Glass Cabochons

Experiment #29 - Glass Cabochons
Stage: 1

No. 29

Glass Cabochons
Desc: Experiment to see if we can we duplicate our acrylic etching and painting process on glass cabochons.
Stage: 1 Obtain class cabs


At art shows, our acrylic jewelry often gets mistaken for glass.  This happens alot. We take as a compliment. We spend a good deal of time making our acrylic jewley look like glass .  So, one day, John and I were thinking -- what if we did etch and paint our work onto glass?

Maybe we should try glass.  We understand why not everyone likes the acrylic ... so we posited the question: Would our process work on glass?

Stage 1; obtain some glass cabochons*. This proved easy - via Etsy. Yay! And hard due to COVID19 and the incredible shipping delays from China. Two months later and the sample Glass Cabochons are here and we have something to test on. Let the games begin!

* Making our own glass cabs was rejected early on as requiring too many new skills and equipment at this stage. Maybe someday 😆. Look, limits have to be set or we'd never get anything done!