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Experiment 242: Magicicada septendecim, the periodical Pharaoh cicada

Brood X has arrived for 2021!

Millions of periodical cicadas are rising from the ground in the Eastern United States this summer during the massive Brood X emergence. Such an amazing and beautiful creature making it's once-in-seventeen-years appearance has often been memorialized in jewelry.


Brood X is made up of three species of cicada, for this design we focused on the Magicicada septendecim, also known as the Pharaoh cicada. 

yul brenner


Nope, not that Pharaoh. Magicicada s. is actually named for the unusual "weee-wough" or Phar-Oh" mating call produced by their vibrating tymbal membrane.

For this design we wanted to mimic the Art Deco movement of the 1930s and create a piece reminiscent of stained glass.

etching cicada patterns

If you live in a micro-region where cicadas are emerging, you'll be sure to know it. Have a listen to the Pharaoh's Call: 

brood map


 We know, because we saw 1000s of them at our recent art fair in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were buzzing and flying around like crazy, often dive bombing art show patrons and artists causing many patrons to do what I call -the Cicada Dance - as people jumped, screamed and swatted at them. It was really very entertaining, and I do love the sound they make. 

Cicada with Lab Partners Cicada Earring   John holding cicada with cicada earring

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