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Rainbow Erlenmeyer Flasks

Science is for everyone!

We know they're cute. Erlenmeyer's were probably your first labware in your first hands-on science lab class in the way back times. Or maybe you still use them today.

One thing is for sure - nothing represents science and the love of it more than an Erlenmeyer flask.

Great gift for:

  • budding young scientists
  • science lovers
  • medical students
  • anyone who works in a lab
  • chemistry geeks
  • teachers & professors

Our Story

Welcome to Lab Partners Jewelry. We make really fun jewelry based on our explorations of art, science, history and technology.

We enjoy making jewelry.
We like to experiment with new techniques, new technologies, and new ideas. 
We love art, science, history and technology.

Our jewelry will let you:
* Stand out
* Be Bold
* Tell a Story