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JD and JD In the Lab

What is Lab Partners Jewelry?

Welcome to Lab Partners Jewelry. We make really fun jewelry based on our explorations of art, science, history and technology.

We enjoy making jewelry.
We like to experiment with new techniques, new technologies, and new ideas. 
We love art, science, history and technology.

Our jewelry will let you:
* Stand out
* Be Bold
* Tell a Story

Jewelry Inspired by Patterns Found in Nature.


Many of the pieces found in current collection come from cool, interesting or strange patterns we've found in nature.

The collections are named after the plant or animal that inspired the pattern.

Collectively, we call these pieces, Microcosms.

You can learn more about them and our process on our blog - Field Notes.

Seagrass Info Card from our art fair booth.
Rose of Jericho info card from our art fair booth.
Sea Turtle Information Card as seen in our art fair booth