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Map (Brachyura - Sea Crustacean) Microcosm Necklace

Map (Brachyura - Sea Crustacean) Microcosm Necklace

$ 43.00

This necklace features a design developed from a Brachyura commonly called a sea crustacean.  (Think Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama, these are his far smaller, seafaring, beach combing, non-talking cousins.)   Sea crustaceans come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are a bountiful source of really cool patterns and designs for us to work from. We love them.  We call this design "Map" - but each Microcosm is a bit of a Rorschach inkblot test -- What do you see?

This highly detailed pattern is laser cut onto acrylic and topped off with a shiny resin top.  Each color is semi-transparent - the light shines beautifully right through it.  The sea green pendant looks like beach glass; the white one is clear and will literally go with any outfit and the blue necklace look like vibrant cobalt blue and glow when hit by sunlight.   

Because we chose to make this pendant with acrylic, not glass, this necklace is incredibly lightweight and super easy to wear.  You’ll forget you have it on. An 18 inch sterling silver cable chain or snake chain is included in the base price, but you can get longer chain for just a little bit extra if you like.  Simply select your chain length and style from the drop down menus.

Perfect for the marine biologist, science buff or anyone who loves the beach!



Design: Brachyura
Common Name: Sea Crustacean
Microcosm Name: Map

Size: Pendants are approximately 1 inch square (30mm). Include an 18” Sterling Silver chain, but you can upgrade to longer if like.

Materials: acrylic body and sterling silver chain.

Care:  Microcosms are waterproof.  To clean use a soft cloth and mild soap as needed. Do not clean with alcohol.  (We can’t guarantee they are chlorine safe, so don’t wear in the pool, but salt water should be fine.)


What is a Microcosm?
We call this line of vibrant jewelry Microcosms (small world)  -- part of an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic idea that the same patterns make up the world - from the largest scale (macrocosm - the universe) to the smallest scale (microcosm - microscopic and smaller).
With our Microcosms,the Lab Partners, seek to explore these patterns and bring them to the light, exposing the rich and diverse beauty found, but not necessarily always seen, all around us.
Each one Microcosm is a bit of a rorschach inkblot test - we know what creature or plant it is derived from, but we what to know; What do you see?

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