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Starfish Earrings,Small Teardrop shape, Magenta, From Lab Partners Jewelry

Starfish Necklace - Large Teardrop - Magenta

$ 43.00

This delicate pattern was inspired by the surface of a starfish, one of the ocean’s most persistent creatures. Latin name asteroidea, starfish or sea stars have existed on this Earth for 450 million years, and have been known to shed limbs in self-defense. Once shed, the starfish can re-grow severed or damaged parts. (Which is amazing!)

You’ll want to wear this necklace all the time, but especially when you need to be reminded that you, too, are one of nature’s most persistent and amazing creatures. You are as intricate as a starfish—and as tough. Regenerate, grow, and keep moving.

Choose your color and your chain length from the drop-down menus for a piece of jewelry that’s perfect for you.


Materials: acrylic body, acrylic paint, sterling silver findings.

Size: Large Teardrop shaped pendants are approximately 0.9 wide by 1.0 inch long. (25mm square)

Care:  Our work is waterproof.  To clean use a soft cloth and mild soap as needed. Do not clean with alcohol.  (We can’t guarantee they are chlorine safe, so don’t wear in the pool, but salt water should be fine.) 

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